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Damsel of the Week: Makenna

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I don't have a narrow set of direction that I was thinking of, I love surprises and random questions. I am a dancer, I've been dancing freestyle, hip-hop and contemporary for the past 8 years, I'm an ocean lover (maybe a little obvious since I live on the Big Island of Hawai'i), I love thrift shops and farmers markets, and I have mad love for equality and positive vibes. I love getting inspired out of the blue, I'll do anything for a taco, and my family's motto is "Everything With Love".

SD: Alright so naturally we have to ask... What IS the craziest thing you've done for a taco?!

Makenna: Oh gosh. Here it goes. Nah, it’s not that crazy. My dad grew up as a wind-surfer and lover of the ocean, that’s where I get my ocean vibes from. So, when I was 12, my dad took my family to A-bay, this chill-out beach with calm waves and black rocks as sand. This beach was also a bay for sharks at possible times. My dad and I went wind-surfing out there. My dad would swim to the other side of the bay and wait for me to wind-surf over there, but I was very well cautious of the possibility of sharks eating me. My dad then bribed me with fish tacos, his famous, man-made fish tacos (family recipe), if I crossed over to the opposite side of the bay where he was by myself. I was scared out of my bloody mind. But I did it. Turns out it wasn’t feeding time for the sharks at that time.


Makenna SD DOWT 7.png
SD: What is your go to outfit?

Makenna: Oh gosh. Well, when I was a kid, since I was 8 and up until now, my go-to outfit would always be something that I could dance in, you know? When I was younger, if I was going to go somewhere, I always planned my outfits as if I was going to get called out for a dance battle while I was out (or something like that). When I thought about this, I made sure my clothes were comfortable, you always want to be comfortable when you’re dancing. Right now, my go-to outfit would be my white high top converse, with thick high-waisted leggings, with a droopy shirt (not droopy as in revealing, but loose and comfy material). I’m not a big fan of showing off my body. If I were to dress revealing, say some cute shorts with a crop top, or a tank with tight pants, it’s not to show off myself or “make me feel good about myself”. Adults (mostly) stereotype and judge young women for what they wear and connect it with their level of self-esteem, which isn’t always true. If I think something is cute, and I feel comfortable enough to go out in public, I’ll wear it, but I never pressure myself into wearing something “cute and scandalous” for the entertainment of others or myself.

SD: How did you get into dancing?

Makenna: I don’t even recall how I “got into” dancing. Dancing around the room in leotards with my dad was something my sister and I did all the time. It was a natural thing to dance, I guess my mom saw how much I loved it and put in a class where I got to have a teacher and perform onstage for the first time. I loved it, still do. But because I moved around a lot, I didn’t always take dance lessons wherever I moved, money was always tight and there wasn’t always dance lessons where I was. But I still danced. In my living room, at school and church dances, at random free dance workshops. I worked with what I had and I was grateful for every opportunity given to me.

SD: What's your favorite part about being Damsel of the Week?

Makenna: Exposing myself! I have never done something like this before, being asked about my fashion tastes and whatnot, so this is a good opportunity for me to just put myself out there. It also helps me reach my inner girl, you know? I’ve been a tomboy since the day I was allowed to dress myself, so sometimes I struggle with “thinking cute of myself” and wearing nice clothes when I’d rather wear sweats, a Marvel sweater and hair in a crazy bun to school.

SD: Lets say we gave you boyfriend jeans, how do you style them?

Makenna: I’ll style them the way I like, say rolling up the bottoms if they’re loose to give a bit of a comfort to my ankles, maybe with some high tops (if you can’t tell, I’m obsessed with my high-tops), and a cotton crop top handmade myself (I do this often-styling my everyday-cotton t-shirts by cutting an inch or so at the hem-then pulling at it to give more edge).


SD: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Makenna: There’s so many things I love to do in spare time. Stretch for dancing, READ, dance, watch dance videos on YouTube, watch those life hacks videos on Facebook, read my family history biographies (I’m a Mormon, and we do a lot of family history! So whenever my outer family gets the chance, they send me books, letters and pictures of our ancestors and whatnot), sing, listen to music, and eat food. But if I had to choose one thing, it’d be service. It’s an amazing thing that leads to endless opportunities and makes you feel good. The funny thing is, I don’t get a lot of spare time. I’m a member of a family of 7, and I have younger siblings that I take care of after school and on the weekends, house chores, errands to run for my mom, etc., so it’s hard for me to get alone time and whatnot, but I don’t complain! I love spending time with my family and doing service for others.

SD: Since you love surprises, what's been your best/favorite one?! 

Makenna: Haha. Okay. Let me say something first that is kind of ironic to this question and situation. My parents taught me since a young age to never assume or judge, stereotype, etc. So I try not to expect anything, which then means that many things surprise me. One of my favorite surprises happened last year, when one of my most hilarious guy-friends came to me and asked me out of nowhere if I wanted to go to prom with him, which, funny enough, was just four days before prom for our school. I was very surprised, out of nowhere, to be asked (more like honored); I accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to get asked and wasn’t going at all, until he asked me. Although it created a hassle for me to find a dress and plan things last minute, I had the time of my life at that prom. It was a surprise that I’ll never forget.


SD: Since you do live on an island, what is the top three things that people should know to bring if stranded on one! 

Makenna: Coconuts are your friends. Coconut oil? Works for anything. Coconut water? Hydration and good enzymes for the body. They also work out really well for you if someone is bothering you, just use it like a baseball (TOTALLY kidding, I’ve never used a coconut to hurt someone). Second, just because it’s an island, like Hawai’i for instance, doesn’t mean it’s paradise. In my hometown, weather can get crazy here (my town is known for it’s bipolar weather), it’s not always sunny and brightness and happy times. Just be prepared for anything. Literally. Third; do NOT stereotype, I beg of you (this is mainly for people who might come to Hawai’i). It’s offensive, it doesn’t make you look any smarter if you bought a tourist book for Hawai’i, and it gives us (locals) an opportunity to tease the mainlanders once more.

SD: That's the best thing that you've scored from a thrift shop?

Makenna: I have so many items that I want to brag about finding at Goodwill and other thrift shops. My biggest find is my huge light jean jacket, a locally made jacket with “Kona Rock café” on the back, with a huge earth sewn on the back as well. It’s gigantic, it’s comfy, and I found it in the men’s section. It’s a bit old-fashioned, like rock’n’roll era, but I love it and love wearing it to school. Makes me stand out. Which is okay.

SD: What do you hope to see come to So Damsel?

Makenna: More clothes! Different styles! Out of this world! Mostly cheap prices (haha). I love reading descriptions of clothing, like stories of how this piece of clothing came to life, what material, etc.

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