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Damsel of the Week: Abby!

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As a new business we wouldn't be able to make the many milestones that we already have today without the support of our customers. You are the ones that keep us on our toes and ultimately keep us in business. We are proud to call you our customers, so to show off as many of you as possible we are starting a new feature on the blog where we will feature anyone from a current customer, active follower, or even just someone who inspired us. 

So Damsel: Tell us a little about yourself!
Abby: I’m Abby! I’m a co-manager of Maurices and a full time student studying marketing. I’m a Birkenstocks bum, lipstick enthusiast, and expensive coffee addict. I enjoy crock potting, running, and Netflixing. Any free time I have is usually spent with the people that make me happy.
Abby, Damsel of the Week

SD: Do you have any fall staples in your closet?

Abby: Booties. In every color.

SD: What was it that you loved about your Ellen Top from So Damsel?

Abby: Obviously the screen print speaks my instagram life. It was love at first sight. When I received it, though, I fell even more for it. The tank is the perfect racerback cut. The material is lightweight and soft so it’s cool for now, but perfect for layering come fall.



SD: If you could tell Damsels who haven't shopped with us yet one thing, what would you tell them about your experience with So Damsel?

Abby: It was such a personal experience. I felt valued and appreciate, and left with product I enjoy.

SD: What is a fashion trend that you try to avoid?

Abby: I typically avoid Uggs. As comfy as they are, with my wardrobe, they seem to take away from the look I’m trying to achieve.






SD:  What is your go-to outfit?

Abby: My go-to outfit lately seems to be mom jeans, a bf v-neck, and my Birkenstocks. If I want another layer, I always grab my camo jacket.

SD: If you could describe your style in one word what would it be?

Abby: Chameleon. I go from grunge to boho to girly sometimes by dinner time. I love my versatile style. I never feel confined to loving one thing.


SD: What is something you have no problem splurging on?

Abby: Jeans you want to fit just right and flatter your body. When I find the perfect pair of denim, I don’t mind spending a little more on them.

SD: What do you hope to see come to So Damsel for the colder seasons?

Abby: Oversized sweaters, puffer vest, ripped up skinnies, fringe booties.



Thank you again Abby for inspiring us and being a part of our first "Damsel of the week." We hope others felt your sweet spirit through your pictures and answers just as much as we did. 

For your chance to be featured like Abby don't forget to #sodamsel on Instagram @So_Damsel, or email us at You can also message us on Facebook at


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