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DIY: Flower Crown

DIY Do it Yourself Flower Crown So Damsel SoDamsel


Hey Damsels! So we are sure you've caught on to the trend by now on flower crowns, but have you tried to make your own yet? This is a perfect and simple craft that you can do with the girls for a stay in wine night. There are no right or wrong ways to make one and you can make them custom to your taste! Try making yours with different colors to match the season, or try making yours with bigger/smaller flowers. Either way we are sure you're going to get some use out of this craft! And when you do- make sure you capture a picture of it and hashtag us at #sodamselDIY for a chance to be featured on our page and for a potential opportunity to work with us! So, lets get started!


So Damsel DIY Flower Crown Materials


The Flowers can be any color, shape, or size! The thick brown floral wire is used to hold the shape in place, and we used our thin green floral wire to not only add some color, but also to wrap around the ends on the thick brown wire so that it doesn't come undone, and most importantly so it doesn't poke our head... Ouch! We used hot glue because it's a quick dry and worked really well with the fabric of the flowers, but another alternative would be to use felt and fabric glue.



Okay so getting started! The first thing that we did which is not pictured was take the flowers off of their stems. With ours all we had to do was literally pull them off and snip the bottom of the flower (where it locked into the stem) so that there was a flat surface. Luckly ours were plastic but depending on your flowers you might have to use scissors or wire cutters to cut them from the stem. Then we also made sure we had about two extra flowers and completely took apart the petals (you can see this in picture 4.).

Moving on to the steps:

(1.) Cut your thick brown wire to fit your head and with about 6 inches extra to twist and secure the wire. (2.) Take your thin green wire and wrap it as tight or as loose as you want around the thick brown floral wire. (3.) We wrapped an extra amount of wire around the ends of the thick brown wire to avoid it from poking our heads and to secure it in place. (4.) Start putting your flowers on! Putting on as many as you want- take your flower and hold it on the outside of your crown (where is will be displayed) and take a petal from the flowers that you took apart and put it on the inside on the wire. Put some hot glue (be careful!) inside the petal and press against the back of the flower with the wire in the middle. This will also make the inside of you flower crown softer and let's be honest... way cuter!


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