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Model Takeover: Micaela and Kaley!

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For this weeks blog post we decided to introduce you to the faces of So Damsel. Our store wouldn't be the team it is without these two. They've shown some serious dedication to waking up early after long nights and driving to location through morning traffic all to help our customers fall even more in love with the items by adding their personal taste to the looks. It was important to us that we had girls who were relatable and had a genuine love for fashion, and we're pretty sure we nailed it!

SD: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Micaela: My name is Micaela & I'm 22 years old. When I'm not shooting for SD I'm going to school full time and working at Nordstrom! Fashion has always been apart of my life and is something (I think) I'm kind of good at! 

Kaley: My name is Kaley! I'm 22 years old. I grew up in a small town called La Vernia, Tx. I went to The University of Texas at San Antonio and was a UTSA cheerleader while attending there. I've been working in the oil & gas industry for 2 years and loving it! I'm a boot wearin' girl that can switch into heels in a matter of minutes that's why So Damsel fits my style so perfect! 

SD: What has been your favorite item to model so far?

Micaela: So far my favorite item has been the 'Jaclyn Gypsy Tank' tank or the 'Dominica Lace Top'.

Kaley: Well of course one of my favorites was the 'Kaley Romper' because well it's named after me and it's just a lightweight romper you could wear for any occasion! My other favorite would be the 'Melissa Dress'. It's a perfect flowy boho dress that I love to wear on my Sunday funday activities! 

SD: What is it like on a shoot?
Micaela: A shoot with SD is filled with a lot of laughs and fun! I always like putting the next outfit together and I enjoy modeling the clothes! 

Kaley: A shoot with SD is always fun! Always laughing and goofing around. That's when we get our best candids! 

SD: What’s your biggest fashion foe?

Micaela: Socks with heels!!! Just no. 

Kaley: CROCS!!! Omg just no. 

SD: What will be a fall staple in your wardrobe this year? 

Micaela: Big sweaters with wedge knee high boots or ankle booties. 

Kaley: Knee high wedges & of course more booties. Like I don't have enough already! Haha.

SD: Who is your modeling/ fashion inspiration?

Micaela: Literally anything and anyone. I get fashion inspiration all the time! 

Kaley: Everything/anyone. 

SD: If you could tell So Damsel customers one thing about SD, what would it be?

Micaela: I would tell customers that SD is always searching for the latest trends and their number one goal is to make sure the customer walks away happy.

Kaley: I would tell customers that SD is always about what the customers are looking for and what's in style!  Customer service is always # 1 priority! 

SD: What is something that you can’t seem to get rid of in your closet?

Micaela: Everything. 

Kaley: Everything

SD: What’s the best fashion advise that you’ve been given?
Micaela: The best fashion advice someone ever gave me was that there are no rules and to completely be yourself. You don't have to "match" just wear what makes you feel good.

Kaley: The best fashion advice someone has given me was to be yourself. Wear what you want & what you like. It's your way to express yourself. I saw this quote one time & it's very fitting.. "They can imitate your style, but they can't imitate your creativity." I live by it. 

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