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So Damsel's First Partnership with The Hunt App!

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So, here's the scoop. The Hunt and So Damsel are giving an EXCLUSIVE discount code on a featured item that was specially picked with The Hunt Team and will be reviled through The Hunt. The catch is that this code can only be obtained through The Hunt's app. How it will work is you're going to need to make sure that you've downloaded the app onto your phone (or have an online account) as pictured below and create an account. Then starting later today through September 9th, once The Poll is sent out to its users (yes, that's you (make sure your push notifications are ON)) and the item gets at least 100 up votes, we will be posting in the comments section the code to use to get you an exclusive discount on the featured item while supplies last!

If you've never heard of The Hunt before let us just fill you in and also save you a lot of, "where can I buy that top," Googling. The Hunt is an app that allows you to post a picture of anything from tops, shorts, necklaces, or even swimsuits that maybe you found and need while scrolling through Pinterest and they don't have the direct link to buy it. Once you post the picture, you then select if you're looking for something similar or exactly what you posted, and the price range that you'd prefer to spend. Then the magic starts as people on the app who know where to buy that item or a similar one post the store link to your Hunt! They also offer a new feature where you can vote "Which should I wear?" or "Should I wear this?" Polls where The Hunt community with vote based on their opinion! Amazing, right?

So what are you waiting for!? Download The Hunt app and follow @TheHunt and @SoDamsel NOW because you never know if this a must have item for you, and this exclusive offer will only be available while supplies last! Can't wait to have you Damsels join in! 

xo| So Damsel Team

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