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Damsel of the Week: Leigh

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We'd like to introduce you to our newest Damsel of the Week, Leigh. Leigh is a happy spirited mother to a sweet yet sassy 3 year old damsel and is a passionate wife to her husband of 5 years. Leigh is living her dream writing (romance novels to be exact... oooh lala, Leigh!) for Borough's Publishing Group. She just published her most recent novel titled "Play Nice" in July and the next novel that she's currently working on comes out in a few months is titled "Play Dirty." (We are hooked already!) Keep reading to learn a little bit more about this inspiring 20 something, and to learn how to also get featured! xo, SD Team

SD: Lets say we gave you just a white v-neck, how do you style it?

Leigh: Jeans and my converse if I'm running errands with my kid or sitting in front of my computer for hours on end. Out with friends? Maybe some heels and a couple necklaces. 

SD: Is there a fashion trend that you wish would come back?
Leigh: As a mom to a toddler and 6 books under contract, I feel like grunge would work real well for me right now. Ripped stained jeans and large flannel shirts? Sounds about right.

What is your go-to outfit?
Leigh: Right now I love my comfy boyfriend cut jeans from Lucky and a looser top or tank. It's just easy and comfortable without looking sloppy. I probably have at least three pairs of boyfriend cut jeans. I wear them non stop.

SD: What's a fall staple in your closet?
Leigh: Boots. All kind of boots. I have some super adorable booties that I can't wait to wear. I love larger cardigans and scarves. I love warmth! I am always cold, so I layer a lot. I like darker colors too. I wear a lot of black and navy and dark green. My husband and I always joke that when we do laundry we have three loads of darks to one load of colors and whites. My daughter and I never match. You know those perfect little families with the coordinating outfits? Not us. She's all color and sparkle and I'm in a black shirt and blue jeans. 


SD: If you could describe your style in one word what would it be?

Leigh: Honestly? Hot mess. I am not a put together person, never have been. I mean I can dress up if I need to...but day to day? Hot mess. I have a house full of animals, a toddler, and a dusty remodel. My whole life is messy. I have a few different book signings coming up, and I'll need to play that part. The series I'm writing right now is about a rock band. So they want me to go that direction for appearances. I'm thinking leather leggings and maybe some off the shoulder vintage concert tee's. I can use a blazer to class it up in a rocker way.  I also really like big messy hair. So that'll be fun to do for appearances.

SD: What do you love about being a Damsel of the Week?

Leigh: Well for starters, I love writing, so doing this interview has been a lot of fun. And telling people that it's okay to be a hot mess...That word needs to be spread. It's okay if you only look put together when you absolutely have to. I love clothes and shoes. I really do, but day to day I'm in jeans and a tank. And I am okay with it.

SD: What do you hope to see come to So Damsel for the colder seasons?

Leigh: I am pretty into long sleeved cotton shirts. I like the ones that are longer in the back. Those would be really versatile for me. I could throw on some fun jewelry and wedged booties and dress it up. Or leggings and my converse and dress it down.

SD: Is there any item in your best friends closet that you always try to borrow?
Leigh: ALL my friends dress better than me. My friend Andrea always has really amazing shoes and jewelry. I can't wear a lot of jewelry right now because every time I put something on, my three year old wants to wear it. And I love that kid, but she would destroy a necklace in about 2 seconds flat. 

SD: What's something you have no problem splurging on?

Leigh: Shoes, jeans, and purses. Those are things that get a lot of use, and you don[t grow out of (hopefully). So I don't mind spending more on them. Good jeans make a difference, so do shoes. Quality matters.

To get featured like Leigh as Damsel of the Week, make sure you go to the "Get Featured" tab on our site or just click here to answer the 6 easy questions. Also, make sure you check out on Leigh's progress here or look for her under her penname LP Maxa, ;)

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