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Damsel of the Week: Jenni!

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So Damsel: Tell us a little about yourself. 

Jeni: My name is Jennifer. You can call me Jen, Jeni, J, or simply Jennifer. Whichever you choose. I am 24 and I work in public safety! I live in Southeastern Ga where it is ALWAYS hot and humid! When I am not working, I focus a lot on makeup! I do tutorials for YouTube...I actually just started that back up! I used to do a lot of videos back in 2008 but life got in the way.  I'm also working on getting my freelance makeup business started. I should've started it years ago but I wasn't completely educated in how to get it all after some research, I'm hopefully going to get it going at the beginning of 2016! 

SD: Is there a fashion trend that you wish would come back?

Jeni: I feel like all the "it" fashion trends come back in cycles....So if you missed it once, it'll be sure to come back later on in your life. I am pretty sure I am stuck in the 90's though. haha.

SD: What was your biggest fashion Foe? 

Jeni: Shimmery light blue eyeshadow and the shimmery light blue nail polish when I was like....12. haha. 

SD: Okay, so your celebrity twin is obviously Taylor Swift. Are there any funny moments with that?

Jeni: When I attended her concert in Savannah back in 2008, her dad approached me saying that I looked like his daughter and I just stood there like an idiot without responding. So mad at myself! Haha. Another great moment was when I used to work in banking, a client came in and said "Oh, Taylor Swift works at the bank!" And I responded with, "You'd laugh if you knew my name!" Which of course intrigued him. I told him my first and last name (which is Jennifer Lopez... and I don't tell people that often). His jaw dropped and his face was priceless!

SD: What's a fall staple in your closet?

Jeni: Plaid shirts. Military olive green button downs. Chunky sweaters. Skinnies. Booties. Converse (with arch support insoles, of course!). YAAASSSS.

SD: What's something you have no problem splurging on?

Jeni: Makeup. Hands down. 

SD: Is there any item in your best friends closet that you always try to borrow?

Jeni: My best friend are not the same size... We are both lean, but I'm significantly taller than her and she has more curve appeal than I do.... So we don't quite fit in the same clothing. However, we usually end up getting similar clothes haha! And she does have awesome heels! 

SD: Your never not smiling, what's you favorite advise to stay positive?

Jeni: Stay focused on your goal. Everything that is worth it, requires hard work and determination. If you want it bad enough, you'll get there and the end result is so much sweeter. You also have to remind yourself that you are human and if you make a mistake, it's okay. It's not the end of the world. Get back up and go again! 

SD: What do you hope to see come to So Damsel for the colder seasons?

Jeni: Fall colors. I'm still on the hunt for the 'perfect' chunky sweater...preferably in a cream or ivory color. I am definitely into the deep oxblood reds, and stormy navies! 

SD: If you could describe your style in one word what would it be?

Jeni: Simple.

SD: Out of all the amazing looks that you do- what's your favorite makeup look?

Jeni: Thank you! I think anything that incorporates warm tones and a sharp winged black liner is my favorite! I'm obsessed with burnt oranges and brick reds right now!



SD: What do you love about being a Damsel of the Week?

Jeni: I think this is a great way to showcase some people who are not quite in the limelight and to interact with others who are about style and fashion!

SD: Lets say we gave you just a white v-neck, how do you style it?

Jeni: Slightly destroyed, medium washed skinnies folded up slightly at the ankle, a leopard print scarf, cognac colored simple booties with a modest chunk heel (or bold red flats!). I'd wear my gold hoop earrings, rose gold MK watch, my Pandora and Alex & Ani bracelets!


Glitter or Shimmer? Depends!

I like a little of both!

Lip Gloss or Lip Stick?

 Lipstick. Liquid Lipstick.


Jeans or Leggings? 


Bright Colors or Neutrals?

Neutrals all day long.

Booties or Knee High Boots?


To get featured like Jeni as Damsel of the Week, make sure you go to the "get Featured" tab on our site or just click here. Keep tabs on Jeni and the progress of her freelance business by visiting her Youtube channel here, or visiting her Instagram page where she has giveaways here! Thank you Jeni for inspiring us- and keep looking like our girl Tswift!

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