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Damsel of the Week: Elaine!

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Meet Damsel of the Week, Elaine. She's a 20 year old college student from California who is creating her own path for herself. Going against her families expectations of studying in the medical field, she's turning the tables and majoring in Business Economics to prove herself to anyone that she can handle any job that anyone presents her with. She's a daring free spirit who enjoys the risk of getting lost with the thought that she could possibly discover her next favorite hang out. Keep reading to find out where Elaine sees herself in 5 years and what motivates her to get there.

So Damsel: What fashion trend did you avoid?

Elaine: I absolutely avoid the trend of high-waisted shorts and crop tops. For me, I usually avoid whatever the trend that is main stream because I feel like girls all just end up looking alike. 

SD: Is there a fashion trend that you wish would come back?

Elaine: I really want the trend of the 90s to come back, which it kind of is right now. The turtlenecks and denim that are coming back right now? I am loving that! I remember my parents always dressing me like that. 

SD: What is your go-to outfit?

Elaine: Easy. Jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes/sneakers. Done, good to go for me!

SD: Lets say we gave you a olive green military jacket, how do you style it?

Elaine: I would style it two ways. One – military jacket, boyfriend or skinny jeans, white top, and either black strappy heels or booties. Two – layer the military jacket with a white lace dress or black and white striped dress to combine the feminine and edgy style. 

SD: What's your favorite part about being Damsel of the Week?

Elaine: Given this opportunity of being Damsel of the Week, I love the fact that readers/viewers are able to learn about up-and-incoming bloggers! Being Damsel of the Week only gives me confidence to continue to pursue my fashion journey. Not everyone around me knows about my career choice so this opportunity gives me the kind of “pat-on-the-back” feeling that I am doing the right thing with my life finding happiness in something I love.

SD: What is a beauty routine staple that you have to do everyday?

Elaine: I don’t wear make-up so I don’t really have a beauty routine. The only thing I do routinely is put on a lotion EVERY time I get dressed, like I cannot go without putting lotion on. Oh! And I also do wash my face every other day. I’m sure I have to wash my face every day, but doing it every other day works better for me!

SD: If you could describe your style in one word what would it be?

Elaine: Simple

SD: Pretend we are looking at you in 5 years... Where are you in your fashion career?

Elaine: Oh man, in 5 years? I would hope to be with a fashion company or possibly owning my own business. Whether it be a big or large fashion company, as long as I am doing what I love, that’s all that I care about.

SD: Where did your dream for fashion come from? Who is your inspiration?

Elaine: Initially, it started when I was in 4th grade, I just remember myself being at home and drawing clothing (I’m not a good artist). I don’t know why it was in the 4th grade that I did that, but I just did. And it wasn’t until back when “Laguna Beach” was on MTV, I was obsessed with show… and Lauren Conrad , the main girl on the reality show, was pursuing a career in fashion. Seeing her getting all these opportunities to intern and attend events triggered something in me! I saw how creative you can be, but also the fact that there are so many things you can do in the fashion industry. I knew that my dream was to become a fashion designer. Growing up more and more, I saw how hard it is to become a designer, so now I will be more than happy to just work somehow somewhere within the industry. My fashion inspiration is first and foremost, Lauren Conrad. I also love Rachel Zoe, Blake Lively, and Vanessa Hudgens; all different styles, but love them all!

SD: What made you decide to go against the grain and not going into the medical field as your parents wishes? Was there a moment or a day that you were just like... "No, that's not my dream..."?

 Elaine: Yes, there was actually a moment, where I knew I was not going into the medical field.. I got into college majoring in first year in college was pretty horrible. I wasn’t enjoying the classes I was taking, dreading each day that I had to go, crying almost every night to my mom. She saw that I was unhappy and told me to then figure out what I wanted to do. She allowed me to just be Undelcared for awhile, which I did. Somehow, my aunts and uncles found out about it and started lecturing me on why I needed to be in the medical field (money-wise) and I was fed up with it. I researched more into fashion and figured out that I wanted to major in Business Economics. If in the long run, I do not go into fashion, my degree in business can still be used for many many things so my parents were okay with it. My parents have recently accepted the fact that I am pursuing a career in fashion because they finally see my happy and content with school. At this moment, only my immediate family knows as well as only a handful of friends. I chose to not tell any of my aunts and uncles yet, because I know that they are only going to yell at my parents for being okay with it. This is why I love my parents; our family makes the least amount of money and therefore, my parents believe in the fact that you have to love your job/career so you can live a happy life. Our family has gotten by fine and we are still able to take a vacation every few years and that is why they have allowed and accepted me to work in the fashion business! My brother, who is a year older than me, has plans on going into the FBI/criminal field and when my aunts and uncles found out about it, they just laughed at him saying he was too small/not big enough to be a police. When that happened, my parents didn’t care what they said because it’s what my brother wants, that is what is going to make him happy. Yes, I am sure that my parents wished I still pursue the medical field, but in reality, I need to be happy and for me to be happy, I need to make my own decision for my life and career. These past few years since I made my decision, I have been finding myself and loving every moment of it. Happiness is a choice, it’s my choice.

SD: What advise could you give girls who seem to be living aimlessly not knowing what they want to do as their forever? 

 Elaine: I would honestly and truly to figure out themselves first, find out who you really are. If they are going to college, take your general educational classes during that time. Because of my situation, I am staying in college a year longer than planned and I am more than okay with it. I would advise them to not be afraid in standing up for yourself, it’s your life and no one else’s. Find your true self, go on adventures, and live life. You only have one life to live, live it being happy surrounded by those you love doing things you love; I have only realized this recently. Don’t worry about your future and live in the present moment. Cliché as it sounds, you never know what your future holds. Take the advice of others, but truly do what is best for you. Only you know what that is.


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