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DIY: Glitter Hangers!

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Whether you have wedding activities coming up, a favorite "go to" item in your closet, or are just as entertained with pretty things as we are, you're going to love this simple DIY. This Sequin glitter hanger is an easy way to make any garment look even more stunning, and could be a fun gift for bridesmaids to put their dresses on for your big day!

// What you'll need //

Wooden Hanger

Threaded sequins

Hot glue



1 | Put hot glue on the starting end on the hanger and stick on your first end on the sequins.

2| Start wrapping the string with the sequin side up as close to the last string without over lapping.

3| Wrap around the entire hanger, and glue small sections as needed to hold them in place.

4| Once completely covered, glue the end ( just like the first end ) to secure all of the threaded sequins.

Bam! As easy as that. Make yourself as many as you need or gift! For questions or comments please comment below! Also, share with us your results by #sodamselDIY on Instagram or tag us @So_Damsel! xo

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