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Now Introducing Payment Plans

Don’t have enough money right now for the items in your cart right now, but there’s only one left in stock and payday is still a week and a half away? Well, problem solved! So Damsel is now introducing a new way of paying for your must have purchases. We know what you’re thinking… “Make payments... On clothes?” YES! That’s exactly what it means. But here’s a breakdown of the facts, and the steps to create your own custom payment plan.

The Perks

- You will be able to buy more items than you usually would at once and pay them off within two months or less.

- Once you secure your payment plan with paying the down payment your items are reserved.

- The payment time period and payment frequencies are totally flexible.

Breaking Down “The Rules”

- Your order must be at least $75 or over to qualify

- You will be expected to pay a minimum down payment of 40% but up to 80% (Depending on your preference)

- Your balance must be paid off within a two month period or less (You will be able to adjust the frequency of payments)

- There’s only a %5 fee of the total order amount (Ex. Only $5 for a $100 order)

My Order Qualifies! Now What?

1| In your cart you’ll select “Pay with” in your cart when you’re ready to purchase


2| You’ll then be redirected to our trusted friends at where you’ll need to make an account (so you can log in in the future to make other payments) It will also show you a sample of what your payments will look like, but they can be adjusted on the next page.

3| The Picture below is where you will adjust your payments to what works best for you. You can adjust the down payment (40%-80%), how long you want to pay it off (1-2 months), and how often you want to make payments (1-6 week periods).

4| Then on the next page you will just fill out your method of payment and agree to the terms, the dates, and the totals of your upcoming payments! Please note, the order below is just an example order! Rates and payments will vary.



Agree, Confirm and Done! It's that simple. Then you're all set. Your items will ship with the shipping method you picked at checkout AND the same day your balance is paid, as long as it's paid before 5PM (CST)! :)

So start shopping, Damsel! Fill up your cart, reserve your items, and pay off the balance with what time period works with you.

If you have any further questions please reply to this email or start a new one at

xo| So Damsel



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