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Panty Pack Monthly Subscription (2)

Panty Pack Monthly Subscription (2)

$ 12.00
With this panty pack you'll receive 2 panties per pack every month for $12-

Lets face it, you are not alone. Being a girl sometimes comes with monthly surprises (yeah, we went there), and if you’re not being surprised you’re being attacked by your cute little puppy who is a champ at finding your favorite new pair of panties on the floor and are now being digested. And if you don’t have a cute little panty eating monster around maybe you 'lost' your overnight bag that had your favorite panties in them. *Sigh... We are getting stressed just thinking about it.

With that in mind, we put together an affordable way for you to be able to recollect your panty collection back without having to think twice about it. Just select your size and style preference and let us handle the rest.


Covered Cheeks: Cover your cheeks! In this pack you'll get 2 pair of cheek covered panties.

Only Thongs: Show what you've got! You'll get 2 pair of thong panties in this Panty Pack.

Surprise Me: You're daring, Damsel and we like it. In this pack you'll get surprised with either 2 thongs, 2 covered panties, or one of each!

If you need more information about Panty Packs click here!

*Images are for example! Our styles changes every month

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